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If you appreciate detail,
we have the address
for you.

In The Orchards, the true beauty is in the little things – like custom address plaques for every house. Designed and hand made by local artisans at The Tile and Iron Studio, these unique address plaques are our gift to every homeowner in the community. It's extras like these that make our community truly feel like home.

Designed so everyone
feels at home.

In nature, beauty is in the details. As part of The Orchard's community wetlands, clusters of large stone boulders that absorb sunlight were brought in to attract dragonflies and act as a welcoming resting spot. Be surrounded by even the small parts of nature's beauty in The Orchards.

Think of it as mood
lighting for your life.

In The Orchards, we carefully crafted every element – right down to the lampposts on your street. With an interesting design and environmentally friendly LED lights, these lampposts help bring the streets to life day or night. Our street names are linked to the type of flowering trees in the area, like Cherry Blossom Crescent. Find your home by following your nose!

Art by day, starlight by night.

We designed The Orchards right down to the last detail, including the solar powered, twinkling entrance you pass by every day. Because being close to shopping, schools and trails only matters if you've got a beautiful place to come home to. No matter what time of day it is.

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